Our clients photos of our products

It so great to be working with talented photographers and videographers. We have kindly received photos of our products made by them. Every photo is different and it shows how unique artists they all are. We can not stress enough how honored we are to be able to work and grow with such amazing artists.

Recently we received photos from Happy Wedding Films. They are so talented videographers! Trully inspiering. They love our Thank You Boxes (and so do we :)). Just now we are discussing to make something completly custom for them. Can’t wait for the outcome.


Packaking for Happy Wedding Films. Photos by Jon Aleksander Krančan. First published here.

We also received a photo of our Ederra Book and a Tri fold Folio in Slate Blue color from photographers That happy day. They have such a unique packaging for their clients are we are more than thrilled that our books and folios are a part of their offer.


Books and Folio for That happy day. Photos by That happy day. First published here.

Their packaging was futured on one of the best blogs about everything inspiring and beautiful around us, Pepermint and we received their photos as well. Just amazing!


Books and Folio for That happy day. Photos by Katja Nared. First published here.

Flare Visuals are a group of young and inovative photographers (and videographer) and are the cilents every one wish to have. They trully are a blessing to work with and have recently send us some amazing photos of Ederra Books and USB box. Firstly, their USB box in Dark Chocolate Brown




and photos of Ederra and Mini Ederra books:


USB box and Ederra Books for Flare Visuals. Photos by Flare Visuals.

We will continue to try to make our clients happy and proud of the fact that they are using unique and handmade products made in Europe accompanied with the fact that we are constantly trying to make our products as green (greener, the greenest! :)) and enviroment friendly as possible. Thanks once again to all of you!