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For some time now we wanted to show you few photos of our design service. We have two great designers in “our house” that work together to make your book look perfect. They have their own style and if you like it, the only reasonable thing is to let them design a book for your clients. We believe that “less is more” and simple design (meaning that photos have enough place to shine) is the best way to present a wedding or a portrait session. They look after all important things: that the space between photos is equally distributed, that faces are never in the middle of the book, where the paper is folded (even though there is no gap between the photos), so the faces of your clients always look great. And the most important thing: while they are designing your book, you can focus on the thing you love the most: taking photographs. After that they send you a preview and if you are pleased with it the book goes to printing services.

Here are some layouts they designed. (I told you – layouts look amazing :))


Wish you a lovely day!

Kalá Albums Team

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