The M Album

The M Albums is a hand made album (for attaching photos in it) with 60 pages produced with high quality paper using pure materials to archival standards. Acid free and archival paper has a distinctive random texture, trully beautiful to feel and see. The M Album’s stitching detail is gorgeous and it allows you to match it with the color your clients chose for their special event. Album is stiched with 100% flax thread also priduced in Europe and you can choose between 7 available colors.

The M Album can also have a Presentation Box made to fit or our new Custom Design Bags. We can engrave your client’s names and your logo as well. You can also have a photo on the cover of the album.

Which are the sizes availabe?

18 x 18 cm
25 x 20 cm (panoramic)
27,5 x 27,5 cm
35 x 25 cm (panoramic)

How many 10 x 15 cm photos can there be inside one album?

18 x 18 = 60
20 x 25 = up to 120
27,5 x 27,5 = up to 180
25 x 35 = up to 240

How can I attach photos in it?

The most archival method is by using photo corners. Other method is using acid free photo safe tape for attaching photos. Feel free to write me about either of them. Note: normal (not photo safe) tapes or glues have acid in them and this could cause discoloration in time. Be careful which tape you are using.

What kind of prints do you suggest we use?

These albums are meant to use photos printed on fine art paper (you can order them with us) or photos printed on matt photo paper, since they do not have vellum interleaves (and some glossy photo papers have a tendency to stick together).

Can this album be used as guest album?

Yes, it can be since the paper takes inks beautifully. You can write on it it or even paint with watercolors.


How do I take care of The M Album?

Most importantly always store it at room temperature and never expose it to direct sunlight, extreme heat, or moisture. When carrying around keep it in a protective bag. If possible store your album flat with nothing on top of it. Be careful to wash you hands before leafing through your album. These simple “rules” should help keep your album amazing for generations to come.