Welcome, I’m Iva Novak!

I used to be a wedding photographer. And I wanted to have a beautiful book to print client’s photos in. I searched the web for a long time but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I wanted the book to be made in Europe. I wanted the paper on which the photos are printed to be also made by an European company. And the book cloth as well. And then I did not want to buy from a company that sells leather – it didn’t feel right to me. So I designed the books and asked a group of professionals to work with me. They said yes and this is how we made our first book.

Not much has changed since 2012 when we started, we still use the same book cloths, the same paper, the same inks. But we mastered our books, we found better ways to make them, we found even better materials and we are still searching.

We are currently trying to make a new special book, hand sewn with a very special paper. Please, cross your fingers we will be able to make it perfect!

My promise is we will continue with the search for eco-friendly products and elements necessary for the production from nearby countries because we believe that reducing the length of the journey also carries a strong environmental message.

We follow a green approach where we can, meaning we buy our materials that are produced in nearby countries and with certificates that tell a story of environment friendly production (some of them do originate from other places due to the fact that they are not produced anywhere else in the world).

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