How to personalize your books, boxes and folios?

Choose among our 12 colors you can see here.

You can have o cover photo on your books + engraving/deboss/hotfoil below. A cover photo is either 6×6 or 8×8 cm in the middle of the book. The photo has a thin white border.

We are offering 3 ways to have text/logo/date/location on your cover. See below to learn more. Please note that not all fabric is possible with all methods. Follow this chart for what is/is not possible on each color.

Engraving method

  • Possible to do absolutely anything (names, dates, any fonts, logos, calligraphy, graphics, …).

  • Possible to engrave front or back of the book in any size or position.

  • The lines of the text/logo/image, etc. cannot be too thin or small, because we will not be able to engrave it nicely.

  • This is the most frequently chosen method – but here you cannot choose a color.

  • Leaves a golden/silver/burnt look, as the laser scraps off the fabric to engrave.

  • Not recommended on all fabrics, see chart here.

Yes, you can do that. Just make sure the font is not too thin.

Yes, we can engrave anything.

No, we can not engrave an image. But you can have a cover photo inserted in the cover of your book.

For font we need an OTF or TTF. If it is a graphic we need a vector (EPS) file.

We normally engrave in the middle, but you can choose any position.

You can engrave it on the backside of the book.

No, we do not offer calligraphy anymore.

Deboss method

  • Pre-made metal plates are pressed into the book cloth.
  • Possible to deboss names and dates in 2 available fonts (Futura and Chronicle) using only CAPITAL letters, see below.
  • Possible to deboss 2 flower illustrations, see below.
  • Possible to combine the text with flower illustration.
  • Possible to choose 4 colors: gold, silver, bronze and blind (no color – just indentation).
  • It is not possible to choose a different font or to deboss onto the back cover.
  • If you want a custom logo (cliche) please email us for a quote
  • Not recommended on all fabrics, see chart here.

Custom cliche is a way to use deboss. We can make a metal plate for you and use it on every book you order as a way of personalization. And this pre-made metal plate with your cliche is pressed into the book cloth in blind, gold, silver or bronze.

Yes, you can have this, but you need to make a custom cliche for it.

Right now we only offer 2 fonts, but you can either make a custom cliche with any font you wish if our font does not suit you.

Hot-foil transfer method

  • Hot-foil is applied to the book cloth by machine pressing and by hand.
  • You can choose text in our fonts, or your fonts & floral illustration (see below) on the front cover but it is not possible with logos, calligraphy or back cover.
  • Possible to choose 3 colors: gold, beige, brown.
  • The lines should not be too thin because the foil can detach itself.
  • Not recommended on all fabrics, see chart here.

Yes, you can do that.

Please send us a vector (EPS) and we can see if it is possible.

We still need to have at least 0,6 mm of width in the letter sizing (not how tall the letter is, but its boldness) so we can make a good hot foil.

It depends on the size of the font, but 0,6 mm (the letters’ boldness) should be enough.