30 x 30 Ederra Wedding Book in Presentation Box

When we ship our books (or albums, proof boxes, folios) we always wish that photographer that has order them, sees them and let us know what he or she thinks about them. We are eager to know what they think of our print, materials and our service in general. We are aware that we have one of the most beautiful jobs (since we are the ones that are responsible for keeping the sweetest memories safe :)) in the world and we never wish to make our part of the process anything but perfect. So when we receive photos form our dear photographers we feel proud and happy. The masterpieces below featuring Kalá albums 30 x 30 Ederra Book in Presentation Box with custom engraving are by a great photographer Matjaž Očko by House of M2O.

Thank You so much and we are trully looking forward to your next orders.