“Thank you”, USB and Photo boxes

We have four different boxes in our offer. One is a Presentation box for Ederra Books and it is meant to keep the book in a safe place. You can see it in this post. But we also have three more boxes that help you round up your final product (a wedding, portrait book) with style and beauty. On the photo below you can see a 10×8 cm USB box, a 12,5×22 cm “Thank you” box and a Small Photo box for 10×15 cm photos that can hold up to 225 photos.


A “Thank you” box in one of our favourite products, because it really helps a photographer show appreciation towards their clients. It is more than just an USB box. It has a special place, where you can put your favourite prints from a session in, write a thank you note or surprise your clients with something totally yours. The space on the left is big enough to hold 10×15 cm prints and a C6 envelope. After you have received the box it is up to you how you want to decorate it and make it your own.


This Small Photo box holds up to 225 prints. It has a special opening in front so it is easier to take the photos out and proudly show them around before you safely storage them again. In this box we have exactly 200 prints.

Our USB box is big enough to store almost any USB flash drive and has enough space for a small note on or a gift tag. We believe there should always be enough room to show appreciation.


These are the four adorable, handmade, long-lasting boxes we have in our offer. Hopefully you will find them both beautiful and very useful.