The M Album

The M Albums is a hand made album (for attaching photos in it) with 60 pages produced with high quality paper using pure materials to archival standards. Acid free and archival paper has a distinctive random texture, trully beautiful to feel and see. The M Album’s stitching detail is gorgeous and it allows you to…

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About our process

“When I was thinking how I want these albums, books and boxes to be made, my first wish was that they were produced by artisans with passion for accuracy, attention to details and care. I wanted them to aspire that every single product is made to last, to be beautiful – to be excellent. Beside…

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Welcome to Kala Albums

Our wish was to create the most wonderful album made with love, passion and attention to details where we could store our photographs. We also wanted the “ingredients” from which the album is made to originate from nearby countries in Europe. With our persistence we have found many albums’ and books’ “ingredients” which are made…

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