Welcome to Kala Albums


Our wish was to create the most wonderful album made with love, passion and attention to details where we could store our photographs. We also wanted the “ingredients” from which the album is made to originate from nearby countries in Europe.

With our persistence we have found many albums’ and books’ “ingredients” which are made in Europe and have certificates that tell a story of environment friendly production (some of them do originate from other places due to the fact that they are not produced anywhere else in the world).

We will continue with the search of eco-friendly products and elements necessary for the production from near by countries because we believe that reducing the length of the journey also carries a strong environmental message. This is also the reason why our book cloths are made in Europe.

After the album design is made (by a photographer or our design service), book blocks are printed and pressed by a special technique which ensures that pages are completely cohesive and lay truly flat without gutter or gap. The book blocks are then handed to our bookbinding artisans who ensure that all the work is handmade and albums, books and boxes are made with utmost precision and care from beginning to end.

Thank you so much for visiting us. We wish you a pleasant scroll through our website.