Engraving on covers

Engraving is available on all our books, boxes and folios. We are using an accurate laser that can engrave your client’s names and dates of their event. The laser gently removes the top layer of the book cloth and reveals the book cloth’s colour underneath. You can also engrave your company’s logo on the last side of the book to further personalise the product.

Custom fonts: We also engrave custom fonts, please contact us for more information.

NOTE (for all Slovenian photographers): The right way to write a date is 10. 5. 2014 (there is a space between the numbers).


You can choose between five different fonts we have selected for you: League Gothic, Prociono, Lobster, Alegreya and Khand. You can see all the letters and symbols from all five fonts below. They are all 24 pt. We do adjust the font size with the size of a cover so it always looks perfect. If you can not find a font that fits your taste, just write to us and we will engrave a custom font for you.