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Proof box with Mat prints

Proof boxes are perfect to represent your best photos and can serve as a powerful part of your portfolio. They can also be used as a gift for your clients – a way to make them know they are special.
Our Proof boxes are made to fit exactly the amount of mat boards you wish to order.
After sending us this order form, we will open a Google Drive folder and share it with you. In the folder we'll store all the documents linked to your order. If we don't respond in 2 working days, please contact us at

Project name must include your studio name, and the name of the event.

If you choose to order a custom amount of Mat prints we will send you the price calculation in your Pro-forma. If you wish to order Mat prints with Proof Box please check a box in no. 4.

Fill in the next option only if you have chosen to include the Mat box with your prints, otherwise leave blank.

If you choose to order a custom amount of Mat prints we will send you the price calculation in your Pro-forma.

.............. cloth-velvet-red
..............  cloth-champagne

Please note that engraving on lighter cloths is not so visible as on darker - fine lines and delicate fonts are better suited for darker cloths.

Fill in the next two options only if you have chosen engraving in the above option, otherwise leave blank.

7a. Proof Box Engraving

For each order we select the right size (depending on which font and book, album or box size you choose) of the font to engrave. If you wish to have a preview of how the engraving will look on your book, album or box, please let us know. For information on exporting and naming your own font please read the Design instructions.

The fonts that are used for engraving can be seen here.

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If you wish to pay with Paypal, please select the checkbox. There is a 5% fee that applies on the total sum of the order when paying with Paypal and will be seen on the Pro forma.

Packing and Shipping costs are not included in this price. Your final price will be shown on Proforma Invoice.

Billing and Shipping information

If your shipping information is different than the billing, please add the preferred shipping address in the Notes above.