Choose among 6 papers (Ederra 150g or 230g, Belle 200g, Pika 255g, Viva 170g or 190g) & 12 cover colors (see our new blush rose & misty grey). Insert a large or small cover photo with the possibility of having text, wedding logo, or any illustration below. You can engrave, hotfoil print or deboss any given names & dates, logos, calligraphy, ... & top it up with a custom box or bag. Order personalized swatches with your photos for better feel of it all.

• Engraving: Laser gently removes the top layer of the book cloth and reveals the book cloth’s colour underneath. The result is always a bit golden-like finish. You can engrave any given text/design/logo/font/illustration with your fonts, our fonts, calligraphy, etc.

• Hotfoil print: Hot-foil print is the application of foil on to our book cloths, making the foil permanently stick to the surface of your book. The available colors to choose from are gold, brown and beige. You can stamp any given text (name+date) using our 5 available fonts or your font. Not possible for logos, calligraphy, etc.

• Deboss: Debossing means that your text will be pressed into the material and indented. We have the option of blind, gold, bronze or silver deboss. You can deboss any given text using our own 2 available fonts and/or floral illustration. Custom debossing (logo, calligraphy or any other custom design to further personalise the book) is available by request and extra charge.

• Print & Cloth Sample Kit: You will receive all 12 available book cloths plus both Ederra papers, Belle paper, both Viva papers and Pika paper printed with your 3 photos.

• A5 Cover Sample: It has all our options of personalization - engraving, hot-foil stamping in gold, beige and brown and blind and gold(silver/bronze) debossing on. This is a perfect showcase for you and your clients to see what we offer and see the differences. It comes in our golden dust.

• Fine Art Sample Kit: Receive all our Fine Art prints. You can download the image here and compare it to the test prints you will receive.