Canvases & Wooden Photo Blocks

Our canvses are printed on Photo Canvas 310g, 100% cotton with pigment inks. All canvases are also laminated for further protection against strong light, moisture or dust. All prints are carefully mounted onto a solid wooden frame. The depth is 2 cm. We use mirror image edging on each edge of your canvas, meaning that the photo’s edges are mirrored in each edge and none of your photo is lost from the front of the canvas.

Our wooden photo blocks are hand-made & are a wonderful product to keep your memory alive. They have an organic, vintage air to them and are made with love and attention to detail. The edges are round and the wooden blocks have a protective finish over the photographs to keep it safe for generations to come. They have a hole at the back so they can be hung on the wall or they can also just be placed on flat surfaces since the wooden block is thick enough to stand on its own.

Canvas Formats available:

• 20×30 cm
• 30×45 cm
• 40×60 cm

• 50×75 cm
• 60×90 cm
• 80×120 cm
• 100×150 cm

Other details:

• other formats are also available
• we laminate all our Canvases
• mirror edging is used (2cm)

Blocks Formats available:

• 10×10 cm
• 10×15 cm
• 15×15 cm
• 15×20 cm

• 20×20 cm
• 20×30 cm
• 25×25 cm
• 30×30 cm

Other details:

• circle 10, 20 & 30 cm diameter
also available
• protective finish
• hole at the back