We offer five amazing books and one of kind album: the fabulous Ederra, the magnificent Belle, the intimate Viva, the classic Pika Book, the small Petit Book and the wonderful handstiched M Album for gluing photos inside.

We have the best printing service available and we are truly proud to be able to provide such fine and vibrant colors on all our fine art books and prints. We have also chosen all the fabrics and book cloths to fit any client’s needs since you can choose among ten available options of cover cloths. Please note that you can customize all our books by choosing cover photo, logo engraving, debossing, presentation box, custom bag and many more.

Other Details:

• Studio Sample & Duplicate books at lower prices are available with our Ederra, Belle and Pika books. Viva offers only sample books, not duplicates.
• Books’ formats are 15x15, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30 and 20x25 (portrait) cm. Viva offers only three available sizes: 25x25, 30x30 and 20x25 (portrait) cm.
• No.of pages/spreads for our books: minimum 15/30 and maximum 40/80. Viva offers only three available no.of pages: 24, 32, 40 pages.
• Petit Book only available as 15x15 or 20x20 cm, and only 5/10 no. of pages/spreads.
• M album only as 18 x 18, 25 x 20 cm (panoramic), 27,5 x 27,5 cm or 35 x 25 cm (panoramic) with 32, 40, 48 or 60 pages available.
• You can customize all our books & albums. Please see here for our papers, fabric & cover upgrades.
• You can order our Design Service for all our books & albums.
• Please click on separate books to see more details.

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