Simple & Custom design bags

All our books and albums come with a simple unbleached 100% cotton
bag (with GOTS certificate) to protect the book or album from dirt and moist.

If you wish to pretty up the bag it can surely be done – The Design Bag is hand sewn from two GOTS certified cotton
fabric (unbleached white + one in color). This fabric is the best there is and we take a lot of pride in these bags.

All our bags are hand sewn.

• GOTS certified cotton fabric

• every bag is handsewn

Available in 8 colours:
• The Moon Design
• Flowers of Joy
• Little Blue Flowers
• Navy Stripes
• Organic Linen (natural beige)
• Pink Peacock
• Magic Garden
• Unbleached White
Other options:
• custom sizes are available at your request
• you can see our fabric selection here
Bottom to top: The Moon Design, Flowers of Joy, Little Blue Flowers, Navy Stripes, Organic Linen (natural beige), Pink Peacock, Magic Garden.