Who can order at Kalá albums webstore?

In order to ensure the best quality Kalá albums webstore is available only to professional photographers with an active web page and a registered business. Please register and fill out the form here to see the price list. Within 48 hours we will send you a password to access your desired information. Everyone else, please visit our Boutique.

Who can order at Boutique?

Boutique is an online shop where everyone can purchase our beautifully crafted handmade products with no registration needed. If you are not a professional photographer you can only access our boutique and purchase items available here. If you are a professional photographer, please register and shop at our webstore.

How can I get a price quote?

The price list is available to you once we approve your registration. For all non-photographers, please visit our Boutique and see the prices next to the available products.

Getting started

All other important information (uploading, shipping, invoices, template design, etc.) can be found here. If there will still be some information you can not find, feel free to contact us anytime via email.

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