Who can order at Kala albums webstore?

In order to ensure the best quality Kalá albums webstore is available only to professional photographers with an active web page and a registered business. Please register and fill out the form here to see the price list. Within 48 hours we will send you a password to access your desired information. Everyone else, please visit our Boutique.

Who can order at Boutique?

Boutique is an online shop where everyone can purchase our beautifully crafted handmade products with no registration needed. We are making sure that each product is made with love and care and we will slowly add new handmade products for you to choose from. If you are not a professional photographer you can only access our boutique and purchase items available here. If you are a professional photographer, please register and shop at our web store.

What products do you offer?

The Ederra, Belle and Viva fine art wedding and portrait book, M album, Pika book, Presentation Boxes for all our books, a special Thank you box with additional space for your USB, a small and large Photo Box for photographs and a simple USB box, Folios, Bags for extra protection of books, USBs, Fine Art Prints, Canvases, Proof Boxes with Mat Prints, Wooden Stamps, Swatches, Wooden Photo Blocks, Cover Photos, Engraving, Debossing & Hot-Foil Stamping, ten Book Cloths made in Europe and Design Service that provides and makes sure all you photos are placed in your albums with the utmost precision and attention to the story. And this is just the beginning. While you are reading this we are already developing and testing new products. And they will be just beautiful!

Please note that not all products are available to customers that are not registered as professional photographers.

What materials do you use?

For our books and prints, folios, canvases we use only the best papers and inks – when ordering our Print and Cloth Sample you receive all our papers and book cloths.

• Belle: Fine Art paper in 200g, and is printed only with Fine Art pigment inks
• Viva: Fine Art paper in 190g, and is printed only in Fine Art pigmnet inks
• Ederra: photo paper either 150g and 230g, and it is printed with pigment inks, or you can choose Fine Art pigment inks as well
• Pika: photo paper approximatelz 1 mm thich, and it is printed with pigment inks
• M albums: paper that is made in an old mill in England and is stitched with 100% flax thread produced in Europe

Fine art pigment inks uses 9 inks which means the colours are more vibrant, vivid, alive.

The book cloths for all our books, albums and boxes in natural shade are made purely from cotton, are acid-free and its paperback has FSC certificate.

All our bags are sewn from ecological fabric with GOTS certificate.

For our USB sticks and wooden stamps we use only Slovene walnut and ash wood.

We do believe that reducing the length of the travel and the nearness of the businesses we work with ensures us that our production meets all European standards and has a strong message in caring for the environment. We have also decided to be an animal friendly company (that was really the easiest decision), so there is no leather used in any of our products.

Do you offer design service?

Yes, we have an amazing designer, who can take care of your book design and save you some time, which you can spend doing what you love the most: taking wonderful photos. If you prefer to do a book design on your own, you can surely do that and we have prepared templates you can use along with instructions on how to setup and export your files and any program. You can choose the option that suits you more.

Can I order print, book and book cloth samples?

If you are a professional photographer you sure can! You can order as much sample books as you want. On the last page of the book there will be “Sample Studio” printed. You can also order print and book cloth samples. You just need to choose 3 different photos you love and send them to us so you will be able to check the matching of the colors, when you receive them.

Can I have my logo engraved?

Yes, and any other text, custom design or fonts. Just send us your cover text wish and we will prepare a preview for you. You will then check the preview and confirm it, and then we are set to go. Also note, that besides laser engraving we are also offering hot-foil stamping and debossing with our fonts as well.

Do you have any profiles for monitor proofing?

At this moment we do not offer profiles for monitor (or soft) proofing, but can assure you we regularly calibrate our printing machines to archive the best quality. We highly recommend you to calibrate your workflow and be consistent with calibration. And the best way to check if your calibrator did its work perfectly, is to order sample prints. Just so you can be sure. We already are.

What kind of paper and ink do you use?

​Belle has a Fine Art paper, 200g, and is printed only with Fine Art pigment inks. Viva has a Fine Art paper, 190g, and is printed only with Fine Art pigment inks and Ederra has a photo paper either 150g or 230g, and can be printed with pigment inks, or Fine Art pigment inks. Fine Art has 9 pigment inks which means the colors will be more vibrant, vivid, and saturated.

How do I send you my images?

You will receive a Google Drive folder after ordering your first product and you will be able to upload your photos, PDFs or other notes.

How can I get a price quote?

The price list in available to you once you register. For all non-photographers, please visit our Boutique and see the prices next to the available products.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer. If there are any additional costs via bank transfer please check with your bank. Please note that the prices on our page are in Euros and do not include VAT, which is 22 % for members of the European Unity that do not have a valid VAT number.

How long will it take to receive my order?

The estimated production time for making your order is different according to the product you ordered. We really want your albums to be perfect, so once you have submitted your design and it is approved for print, please allow approximately 3 weeks for Ederra, Belle, Pika and Viva books and M Album and approximately 1-2 weeks for all other products. In case of any technical difficulties or larger quantities the estimated production time may be longer – and we will let you know if that happens. Your order will be sent to your address or alternatively available for personal pick-up.

How do I take care of my albums or books?

Most importantly always store it at room temperature and never expose it to direct sunlight, extreme heat, or moisture. When carrying around keep it in a protective bag. If possible store your book flat with nothing on top of it. Be careful to wash you hands before leafing through your book. These simple “rules” should help keep your book amazing for generations to come.

Where can I see information on uploading, naming, design and such?

All other important information regarding your order such as shipping information, uploading, naming and design instructions, templates and the rest you will receive after you register as a professional photographer and/or after you place your order. If there will still be some information you can not find, feel free to contact us anytime via email.

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