We have the best printing services available and we are truly proud to be able to provide such fine and vibrant colors. We also have chosen all the fabrics and book cloths to fit any clients’ needs and for your convenience you can order a Print and Cloth Sample to show them what can be ordered.

Please note colors are approximate. You can see all the color cloths here. To better see cloth, paper, and print, please order a Print and Cloth Sample. You will receive all available book cloths with their colors engraved so you can also see how engraving looks, you will be receiving different kinds of papers that we use for our books and with it you will see the difference between fine art and pigment inks.

Also available to order seperately are our white paper boxes in which you receive our Print & Cloth Sample. They are made from cardboard, are approximately 2 mm thick and 3 cm in height, come in sizes 10×15 & 15×21 cm and can store up to 100 photo prints. They can be used as a perfect simple storage for your Photo Prints and other products.