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We have the best printing service available and we are truly proud to be able to provide such fine and vibrant colors. To see for yourself, please order our sample kit.

PRINT & CLOTH SAMPLE: You will receive all 12 available book cloths plus both Ederra papers, Belle paper, both Viva papers and Pika paper printed with your 3 photos.

A5 COVER SAMPLE: It has all our options of personalization – engraving, hot-foil stamping in gold, beige and brown and blind and gold/silver/bronze debossing on. This is a perfect showcase for you and your clients to see what we offer and see the differences. It comes in our golden dust.

FINE ART SAMPLE KIT: Receive all our Fine Art papers. You can download the image HERE and compare it to the test prints you will receive.

• How can I check the colors or the papers? Do you have any profiles for monitor proofing?

We have simulation profiles available in our studio and we calibrate our printers and monitors, so we assure you that colors are accurate and precise and we regularly calibrate our printing machines to achive the best quality. We highly recommend you to calibrate your workflow and be consistent with calibration. And the best way to check if your calibrator did its work perfectly, is to order sample prints.