Ederra Book

Ederra book is a lay flat fine art photo book that offers 2 different thicknesses of photo paper and 2 different pigment inks. You can choose between 150g and 230g photo paper and between pigment inks and fine art pigment inks. Ederra’s paper is photo matt paper and it is produced in Germany with FSC certificate.

Formats available:
• 15 x 15 cm
• 20 x 20 cm
• 25 x 25 cm
• 30 x 30 cm
• 20 x 25 cm (portrait)
Pages available:
• 30 – 80 pages

Paper & Ink available:
• 150g pigment or FA pigment inks
• 230g pigment or FA pigment inks

Other details:
• pages are bond with archival glue
• printed with pigment inks or fine art (FA) pigment inks
• paper has FSC Certificat and is photo matt paper
• sample and duplicates available
• protective sheets in between pages
• each book comes with a protective bag