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  • You can store up to 100 of your Photo Prints in these simple white carton boxes in size 15x21 or 10x15 cm. Photographers, please visit our web store for handmade fine art boxes.
  • Project name must include your studio name and the name of the event.
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A perfect simple storage for your Photo Prints. These white paper boxes are made from cardboard, are approximately 2 mm thick and 3 cm in height, come in size 15×21 cm or 10×15, and can store up to 100 prints.


The estimated production time for making your order is different according to the product you chose. We really want your order to be perfect, so please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for your boxes to be made and shipped.
The goods will be shipped upon receipt of payment. Payment can be made either via bank transfer or via PayPal. The amount of tax charged on your order will depend upon type of item that is purchased, the billing/shipping address and either you have a valid VAT number or not. Shipping costs are not included in this price and they depend whether the goods are sent via secured letter or package or available for local pickup. Your final price will be shown on Proforma Invoice which you will receive after you submit your order.

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