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We are a small company specialised in making handmade fine art wedding and portrait photo books, albums, boxes, folios and more. Our products have been made to preserve the most important memories in your life.

In our studio we aspire to move away from fast-paced culture, towards a more appreciative way of working and living. We value awareness, time for creativity, renewable and sustainable design, organic and ethically sourced materials, staying true to what we love and searching for new and better ways to improve ourselves and what we create.

“When I was thinking about how I want these albums, books and boxes to be made, my first wish was that they were produced by artisans that share my passion for accuracy and attention to details. I wanted them to aspire to make every single product to last, to make it beautiful, to make it excellent. There was one more wish I had – that we never stop searching for better and more environment-friendly ways to produce albums that store your most valuable memories.”

Iva Novak
founder and creator of Kalá albums

We follow green approach and fair trade so all our materials are produced in nearby countries and with certificates that tell a story of environment friendly production (some of them do originate from other places due to the fact that they are not produced anywhere else in the world). We will continue with the search of eco-friendly products and elements necessary for the production from nearby countries because we believe that reducing the length of the journey also carries a strong environmental message.